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PingSafe is a fun, easy-to-use smartwatch for kids with unique well-being features. Parents and kids can easily monitor important daily vitals such as movement, heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure and blood oxygen directly from the PingSafe device and activate voice calls with inserting a 4G nano sim to stay in touch. It includes an SOS feature along with GPS location. Oh… and it tells the time.
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More than just a watch

Promote physical activity and overall well-being with PingSafe

Technology is often the cause of kids not being active enough, Pingsafe was created for the sole purpose of teaching the importance of physical activity and making it easy for children to measure their own vitals and parents to educate them on the importance of staying active. PingSafe also enables parents to check in on essential daily vitals should the need arise.

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  • PingSafe Smartwatch
    PingSafe is a fun, easy-to-use smartwatch with unique, built-in well-being features. Parents, kids and the elderly can easily monitor important daily vitals such as: Steps / movement tracking Heart rate Body temperature Blood pressure Blood oxygen The PingSafe comes included with safety feature...
  • PingSafe Strap
    Choose your favorite PingSafe strap, and with our carefully designed clip system, they are taken off and added back on in seconds!
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