The PingSafe Team

Our team all have their own unique experiences in caring for loved ones with high-needs autism, disability and health conditions. Our passion to help individuals and their families manage everyday challenges is brought through in the creation of PingSafe. We created PingSafe to be more than just a way of knowing where our loved ones are, we want to know how our loved ones are feeling when they may find it difficult to understand or explain.

‘Individuals with additional needs, and their families, see a clinician significantly more than the average person each year. Through increased visibility of well-being data, the impact of meltdowns and care requirements may be better managed and understood for the improvement of quality of life for all involved..’

- PingSafe Team

Fit for purpose device that monitors everyday health and safety

The PingSafe device was designed not only to keep your loved ones safe but also give you access to vital information about their overall health. Get a detailed wellness overview at your fingertips at anytime from anywhere.

  • Daily Vitals

    Voice Calls & GPS Location

  • Blood oxygen

    Blood pressure

  • Body temperature

    Heart Rate

  • Motion Tracking

    Emergency SOS / GPS

In the case of individuals with autism, many will see a clinician 15 times more than the average person each year. According to the W.H.O. it is estimated that the lifetime cost of care for individuals with autism is nearly $3m. Our goal at PingSafe, is to reduce the impact of episodes and meltdowns and improve the quality of life for the family.

Our origins are within the autism community, and we are giving back to those who have helped our team along the way! Members, clients, patients, and families of Friends of PingSafe qualify for a free add-on product at time of shipping!

- PingSafe Team
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